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Nurturing your mental health


How we help

Women are in a unique position in today’s world. Whatever your life trajectory may be – you don’t need to handle it alone. Our therapists are specifically trained in women’s mental health issues.

Long Term Illness

Discover compassionate long-term illness counselling at Dear Eliza Wellness. Our experienced counsellors provide support and guidance for individuals facing the challenges of chronic health conditions. Explore strategies for emotional well-being and resilience on your journey to a fulfilling life.

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Identity and Self-Discovery

Explore our counselling services for identity and self-discovery for women at Dear Eliza. Our experienced counsellors & therapists can guide you on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. Discover your true self and build a more authentic, fulfilling life as women.

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Relationship Struggles and Communication

Dear Eliza provides counselling services for women facing relationship struggles and communication issues. Our counsellors offer guidance to enhance your relationship dynamics, improve communication, and foster deeper connections. Strengthen your bonds and navigate challenges with expert support.

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Family Planning and Motherhood

Discover compassionate counselling for family planning and motherhood at Dear Eliza. Our experienced counsellors provide support and guidance for women and couples embarking on the journey of parenthood. Fill your bucket with Dear Eliza’s expert assistance.

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Stress and Anxiety

Learn how to effectively manage stress and anxiety at DearEliza.me. We offer counselling support and strategies for women to help you regain control over your life. Find relief and build resilience in the face of stress and anxiety with our expert therapists.

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Body Positivity and Image Concerns

Discover empowering counselling for body positivity and image concerns for women at Dear Eliza. Our counsellors provide a safe space for self-acceptance and self-love. Transform your relationship with your body and boost your confidence through expert guidance.

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Ready To Put Yourself First?

No matter your journey, you don’t need to go through it alone. We are here to listen and to help.