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We offer a range of session types for individuals, couples, and families.

Our Pricing

Therapy is a great way to work on yourself and get the support you need to improve your emotional wellbeing. All sessions are focused on your needs, goals, and hopes for your future. You’ll work one-on-one with a Dear Eliza therapist following the Dear Eliza model  to identify what is emptying your bucket, and how you can fill it back up.

Starter Package

If you buy 1 session
$ 160 per session
  • A starter package is great if you are hesitant about therapy or if you would like a maintenance session.

Standard Package

If you buy 3 sessions
$ 150 per session
  • The standard package is a wonderful way to commit to the wonderful habit that is therapy. It gives you a chance to really dive into what talk therapy offers and set clear goals with your therapist.

Premium Package

If you buy 5 sessions
$ 140 per session
  • The premium package is not only the best value but it offers a chance to dive into therapy and hold yourself accountable to the work. This package is great if you are using benefits.

FYI: Rates vary between therapists depending on their credentials, expertise, and seniority. All prices are per session in Canadian dollars. Some providers are legally required to charge sales tax in addition to the pricing above.